About Black Polythene Film
"Blank Polyethylene Film for "Tobacco Curing Structure"

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A tobacco grower occasionally has insufficient barm space to house his crop. This problem is especially server when a bran is damaged or destroyed and cannot be repaired or replaced before harvest. Also, those leasing or having extra poundage may need short term low-cost. Housing.
Kentucky weather conditions are suited for curing in conventional barns as well as in other special structure with black polythene covering and crop protection. Simply constructed tobacco curing shed with polyethylene film is being used to sure burley tobacco in several area of the world. These Poly shed in recent years has increased the practically and reduce the risk of air-curing tobacco under plastic-covered structures.
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When using such tobacco curing shed with polyethylene film, the early harvested tobacco ought to be housed in structure to achieve early curing and permit removal for stripping early in the fall before bad weather can affect the tobacco.Such a structure offers the possibility fo "double-barning", or two or three weeks of "pre-curing" before taking the tobacco to a barm for closer spacing. This practice offers grater barm capacity for final curing.